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Enthused Muse
Oracle Cards

The Enthused Muse Oracle Cards will draw you into a world of imagery and symbolism, meant to prompt creativity, passion, and excitement. Instead of standing on the edge of life, the Enthused Muse encourages you to leap into it, to take risks, and to put yourself out there.  There’s a resource of untapped talent basking within, just waiting to burst free.

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Kiss of Bliss
Tarot Cards

Every moment of the day, we have a choice in how we feel. We don’t get to choose what happens outside of us, but we do get to choose how we feel inside. Using this affirmation will help you remember that you have the power to control how you feel in each moment. Let this pack of fifty-two beautiful and inspiring Snappy Happy affirmation cards fill you with joy today. 

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Ashes to Ashes
Teen Transformation Cards

Encourages young people to confront their fears and to think about their own scars differently. Scars run deeper than the flesh, and monsters come in many forms. Be it gargoyles, trolls, or clowns, sometimes the biggest monsters we face, are in our own thoughts. Just as the pressure of extreme heat turns simple ashes into beautiful diamonds, self-acceptance can help teens understand themselves better.

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