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You Found It! - Finding Bliss 5/5

“Your life is the result of the choices you make.”

Over the years, I’ve thought about this statement, but more, I realizes it's incredibly true. Looking back, I see every choice I made has lead me to this very moment in time. Some decisions, like having a child or hanging out with a certain group of people, have lasted a lifetime. Others, like what I ate for lunch or what movie I want to watch, only impacted me for only a day. Whether my decisions are big or small, last a day or a lifetime -- knowing how to make each one reflects upon my interests and potential. My best choices align with the goals I've made for myself. My worst choices happened when I didn't define my goals. With some choices, I took the long route, and they took me away from my dream. Using your potential is like using a compass pointing to the North Star. Potential helps guide you to where you want to go. Without it, and without making good choice, you can easily wind up taking paths that lead you far astray from the life you dreamed of living. Always see the end in mind, especially at the beginning. )

12 Steps For Finding Your Bliss

1) Tell the truth to yourself about what heals you and what hurts you.

2) Take action steps to build self-nurturing activities into your schedule.

3) Consider ways to minimize the activities that disempower you. (Learn to say no!)

Do you really need to work on that committee? What would it take to release the

person you feel you have to save?

4) Make a list of the talents or activities you are most acknowledged and rewarded.

5) Make choices on the basis of the peace they bring. If something is for you, it will

feel like it fits. You will be able to breathe with your choice and sleep peacefully

at night.

6) What would you do even if you weren't getting paid for it?

7) Follow your intuition. Aliveness and success follow imaginative impulses. Joy does

not pander to rational processes.

8) Can you not do it? The voice for joy will keep knocking at your door until you

heed its call.

9) When in doubt, don't. Practice acting from the strength of your heart rather than

your calculating mind or fear. (This one is sooooo good!)

10) Let it be easy. Struggle is a sure sign that you have lost sight of the joy path.

Struggle is a red flag that you need to retrace your steps and choose the path

with heart.

11) Watch for signs. (I'm always looking for signs!)

12) Launch out on faith -- take a risk. The greatest successes begin with a leap of

faith. (It really helps to have a strong belief systems, to believe in something

bigger than yourself!)

Finally, you know you've found you bliss if any of this happens....

1) Your feel at one with the world, as if everything is in its rightful place and all


2) You feel totally alive time ceases to exist when you are following your bliss -

whether that is researching at home or being on stage you feel surrounded by

kindred spirits.

3) When you find other people who are passionate about the same things.

4) You have deep, insightful discussions with people you have known only a few


5) You experience leaps of insight and the profound understanding of concepts and

ideas that go beyond words.

6) You find yourself creating at an extraordinary level far beyond your normal

abilities worlds of ideas and knowledge that you never knew existed open up to


7) The world becomes a place where synchronicities start to make sense and form a

subtle path pointing you to the things you need to discover.

8) You feel the touch of unseen hands guiding you.

9) You feel like a light deep inside of you has been turned on.

10) You find yourself (many times unknowingly) amassing a collection of resources

built around your bliss.

And, here we are at the beginning again. For years I’ve collected “feel good” articles and quotes about creativity, life, and love. So much so, I have material for at least ten years worth of blogging. (That may be a good thing... or a bad thing if it’s boring!) I hope this blog series on bliss hasn’t been boring and that you got something out of it. I certainly did, because here I am encouraging you.

Kissing is fun, especially THE KISS OF BLISS... or babies, which ever comes first.

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