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DEUCE - Sees darkness & light, loyal protector, he is prone to fight.

LUCY - Guarded by an angel in disguise, though he is fallen, she must rise. 


ASH - The Devil’s child, newly born, he’s forever defiled. 

MUERTOS - Establishes life and death, given powers, he’s the Author’s breath. 

SANITY - The Birdman's wisdom and pain, forever trapped, she is suicide’s chain.


STAR - Deceives those with heart, lacking her soul, she is evil's dart.  

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YA Apocalyptic Horror


The Seize has steeped the Earth in ash and imprisoned the souls of all humankind in the Deep, leaving a colorless world behind, where the boundaries between good and evil, love and hate, freedom and captivity are blurred. For Deuce, a self-proclaimed loser and loner, being a recluse in an empty world is not all it’s cracked up to be. Against his own self-loathing, he becomes the reluctant leader of five banished survivors. Like him, they are mentally and physically scarred, and have no idea how to play nicely with others. Plunged into a horrific world where the best they can do is choose between nightmares, they fall victim to man-eating cornfields and transporters that turn their bodies inside out, flinging them through alternated dimensions. Attacked by Vacants, Trolls, Gargoyles, and Suffering Demons, nothing compares to being pawns in a perpetual war between two Eternals. To save the souls of humankind, the Banished must drop the masks they are hiding behind and decide if there is a difference between being human and being humane.


The biggest challenge they face… to conquer the demons within, not the demons that chase.  

 ​For the BANISHED, it’s rough terrain.

Become a madman or go insane.
Into LUNACY, they are HURLED

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