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Tarot/Oracle Intuitive Readings
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Often, when people are lost, confused or curious in life, they seek ways that they can gain clarity and insight into the future. While not everybody is a believer in the ability to see into the future, it is important to acknowledge that this is not exactly how tarot/oracle card readings work. Readings offers guidance and motivation on one’s life journey and might help you make positive decisions for the future. When you are open-minded, you can gain a lot of benefits from a reading. Cards provide insight and clarity, and can help you gain a deeper insight into your life and the direction you may be heading in. When you gain a new perspective, you can attain if you are making the right decisions or have a better understanding of your journey. 


I am an intuitive reader. Which means I focus on the individual and ask God, Spirit and Ancestors for insight on a particular question or even in general. Besides being a designer of cards, I own over 90 decks. When I do a reading for someone, unless a specific deck is requested, I let my intuition guide me as to which deck to use. I use multiple decks for readings and for clarification. I always shuffle the cards, allowing them to come out when they are ready. Sometimes this process alone shows me what’s going on in your world, giving more clarity and direction in the reading. Cards have different meanings, so I also note numbers, symbolism, colors, and pictures.


Ease into a reading with one of my 3-card elementary readings. (You can request one of the 3-card options below.)  Or choose a detailed and in-depth advanced reading, which includes multiple card decks and more information. Readings are individualized and will be email in a timely manner back to you. They will include pictures of the cards pulled, insight, symbolic representation, and anything else I share.   

Either way, you’ll be sure to walk away with some insightful knowledge. 

Sheley Rayne


Three Card in-depth Reading – 15.00

Multiple Card Deck Reading (In-depth) – 30.00

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