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A paranormal excursion that weaves the lives of three head-strong heroines,

bound by a family curse, a broken jewel, and a question.

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Moon Demon’s Lover

Book One

The Circus is for the brave when the moon is on the climb.

Exposing curses in time. HE is a monster unbroken.

SHE is Destiny’s Promise Awoken 


The Madori Rail Circus delights audiences with its death-defying performances. Despite the ballyhoo of these  spectacular shows, the Madori family hides a deadly secret. Behind the striped tents, past the freak shows and clowns, there lurks a beast who kills. 


Trapeze virtuoso, Lovello Madori is blighted by the Curse of Luna. His shapeshifting atrocities are concealed within his family’s famous traveling rail-show. When fate binds him to a head-strong animal-taming bride, she sparks his interest, though the demon within has no desire to be tamed. Lovello finds one thought dwells. 

Will his wife taste as sweet as she smells?

Domianna McGuire agrees to wed a stranger to save her sister from the same fate. Enticed by her new husband’s touches and dark tendencies, she discovers her own supernatural abilities. On a journey fraught with visions, witches, demons, and ghosts, her lineage as a member of the Madori family is revealed. Domianna realizes it's destiny’s plan.

To tame the beast she must love the man.

Is destiny a choice, a promise, or a curse?
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Curse of the Incubus 

Book Two

The mud-show travels beneath the moon’s deception. Exposing twin mirrors and a wolf’s reflection. HE is a demon in submission. SHE is Destiny’s Choice, The human condition.  

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Freak of Nature 

Book Three

The carnival freaks pay the price when the moon is released. exposing the devil's beast. HE is a mutant time

has forgotten. SHE is Destiny's

Curse Unbegotten


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