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Book One

Ashes to Ashes
Only a MADMAN stays SANE 

Book Two

Dust to Dust
  When you look into

the ABYSS, the

ABYSS looks into YOU.

  Book Three

Flesh and Blood
Being HUMAN is a given, but keeping 

Book Four

Skin and Bones 
It is better to have ten SKELETONS the 

closet, than to walk without BONES.”

Book Five

Heart and Soul

We are all the Gods and Devils, Hiding under Human skin.


Book Six


in the Rough  Whether we fall by AMBITION, BLOOD, or LUST, like DIAMONDS

we are cut with

our own DUST.

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The Seize has steeped the Earth in ash and imprisoned the souls of all mankind in the Deep, leaving a colorless world behind, where the boundaries between good and evil, love and hate, freedom and captivity are as blurred. The Exiled must travel through space and time to save mankind. They discover there is a big difference between being human and being humane, love and hate, and that freedom and captivity are often blurred.


In Ashes to Ashes, book one, fate and destiny supersede free will when the Exiles become pawns in a war between two fallen eternals. The souls of mankind have been imprisoned in the Deep, leaving the world altered and full of snares and carnivorous creatures. Manipulated by principalities and powers beyond their grasp, the Exiled are appointed to save the human race. Their biggest challenge?


To conquer the demons within, not the demons who chase.

Dust to Diamonds Novels

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Only a madman stays

sane in a mad world.

For the Banished,

 it’s rough terrain. Become a madman or go insane.

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