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HIMM - The Wellspring of Humanity
Book One
A Humanities Source Novel

Brave New World meets 

Fifty Shades of Grey.   


In a world where a caress leads

to elimination and love is outlawed;

this totalitarian dictator is about  to have

his senses awakened.


Untouched and unseen, Sovereign Overseer Harlan Garotte has no problem making ruthless

decisions. As the holy-appointed dictator of a biosphere dome, he enforces a strict no-crossbreeding

law between the racially pure Lebensborn and the biologically inferior Grubbians. But when an

alluring Grubbian woman dares to defy the divine order of HIMM and touch the Sovereign Overseer,

the celibate leader cannot resist a steamy but illegal affair.


Unwilling to give her up, Harlan tests her unique genetics in his procreation program only to discover that she’s destined to conceive the next ruler and is matched to his brother. If her pregnancy proves to have been seeded by Harlan and not his sibling, their mysterious god’s anger could trigger a population-wide annihilation. Will one fateful touch ignite genocide or unite an all-species crusade?

HIMM - The Wellspring of Humanity is the first book in the Humanities Source science fiction series. If you like strong, dominant men, smart, determined women, and devastating love triangles, then you’ll relish Sheley Rayne’s sultry dystopian romance.

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