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The Devil's Pride

Disguised as boy in order to live aboard her father’s ship, Angel DeVane runs unrestrained and free with not one lady-like quality to speak of. Her unexpected demise? The devil of the sea, Diablo Del Mar, a man who is lacking heart and soul. A quick theft is all she intends, until the bloody swine gives her a kiss that weakens her spine. Her arrangement is simple. After touching him hand to groin, she lays claim to his dagger and coin. He says she took advantage of him, though Angel disagrees. One cannot take advantage of the willing and willing he be. 


Captain by day, pirate by night, Seth Vigo lives by the code of the sea. No quarter is given, or mercy bequeathed, it’s booty he wants and treasure he seeks. His unexpected demise? Angel DeVane, a woman in disguise. A sexual binge is all Seth intends, until the woman gives him cause for revenge. His title has been stripped and she’s taken his ship. His arrangement is simple. He stays mum about her con, provided she gives the goods of her body by dawn. She say’s he took advantage of her, though Seth disagrees. One cannot take advantage of the willing, and willing she be.


Mix a head-strong heroine used to navigating her own ship with an egotistical pirate who’s been demoted from captain to swab with an eccentric cast of characters and this is the crew of the Devil’s Pride – a woman’s action and adventure pirate romance .

Her masquerade is the trick of his trade... a swashbuckling adventure

on the high seas!

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