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“Only a Madman stays

sane in a Mad World.

Supplementing Sheley Rayne's Ashes to Ashes YA Novel, Ashes to Diamonds Oracle Cards are designed to help teens understand themselves better. Young

adults are hyper aware of the world around them and those in it, especially with the use cellphones, the internet, and social media,  and yet, many

feel more alone than ever.

Traveling a dark path through the

spiritual realm, Ashes to Diamonds Oracle Cards challenges young people to confront their fears and to think about their scars differently. Scars run deeper than the flesh and monsters come in many forms. 

Be it zombies, demons, gargoyles, trolls, or clowns, sometimes the biggest monsters we face, are in our own thoughts. Just as the pressure of extreme heat turns simple ashes into beautiful diamonds, it is our scars that make us unique and beautiful in a

common world.

Ashes to Diamonds Oracle Cards

will help you find your way.

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