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 Life is a journey!

Sometimes it takes you to

unexpected places.

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Dear guests,


I love getting lost between the pages of a good book. I write paranormal fiction, adult-dystopian, and young-adult horror fiction, set in odd places like gypsy camps and circuses, on pirate ships and steam trains, within self-contained bio-domes and in alternate realities. Where werewolves, trolls, fallen angels and demons reek destruction upon the human race. My characters face impossible odds against these creatures, but more, they face impossible odds against themselves.


It is our scars that make us unique and beautiful, because no matter what the outward battle is, it's the ones we face inwardly that are the most important. We are all curiosity cabinets, filled with shadows of wonder, gifts and talents, light and darkness. I am a BLISS seeker and my bliss blooms in the worlds I create, within the characters I befriend, through the cards I design, and when I am teaching and encouraging others. (Even when it's odd and curious.)

I love creepy places, rusty things, strange oddities, and skulls because these things reminds me that I am alive and so are those around me. Chasing dreams, seeking bliss, or trying to be a creative person in a world constantly demanding our attention is hard. Rejection and the lack of success can be heartbreaking. (Who defines success, anyways?) Sometimes responsibilities get in the way. Sometimes, well, sometimes the flow stops. (See my workshop – The Blank Page if you are having trouble finding your creativity.) On the days when it seems like I’m climbing up hill and I don’t have a creative bone in my body, that's when I take a walk in the boneyard to look for treasures.

We all seek a purpose for our creativity. It’s NEVER too late to do what you love -- be it writing, dancing, art, rock climbing, or however you choose to express yourself. Feeding your creative spirit is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It’s what I’m doing for myself. After encouraging others to reach for their stars, I’ve decided to pluck a few of them for myself. 

There are billions of stars in the sky. Why not jump on a trapeze or captain a pirate ship? How about learning more about finding your own bliss? (See the On-line course Following Bliss.)  Alongside my novels, there's my Advent Cabinet of Curiosities to explore, magic wands, and cards. Plus more!


The stars are plentiful on this page.

Why not pluck a few of them for yourself? 


Sheley Rayne

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