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Book One

Ashes to Ashes
Only a MADMAN stays SANE


Book Two

Dust to Dust
  When you look into the ABYSS,
the ABYSS looks into YOU.


  Book Three

Flesh and Blood
Being HUMAN is a given, but keeping


Book Four

Skin and Bones 
It is better to have ten SKELETONS our closet,
than to walk without BONES.”


Book Five

Dust to Diamonds
  Whether we fall by AMBITION, BLOOD, or LUST, like DIAMONDS we are cut with our own DUST.

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Edgier YA Apocalyptic Horror


The Seize has steeped the Earth in ash and

imprisoned the souls of all mankind in the Deep, leaving a colorless

world behind, where the boundaries between good and evil, love

and hate, freedom and captivity are as blurred.


For Deuce, a self-proclaimed piece of shit and loner, being a recluse in an empty world is not all it’s cracked up to be. Against all that he believes about himself and a barrage of self-loathing, he becomes the reluctant leader of five exiled survivors. Like him, they are mentally and physically scarred, and have no idea how to play nicely with others. One is the Devil's son, one is a Darkling who feeds off energy like a vampire coveting blood, one is a little girl who pulls the wings off butterflies, one is the criminally insane, and one is death,

being chased by the Reaper.


Plunged into a horrific world, where the best they can do is choose between nightmares, they fall victim to prisons, man-eating cornfields, and transporters that turn them inside out, flinging them through time and space. Attacked by Vacants, Trolls, Gargoyles, and Suffering Demons, nothing compares to being pawns in a perpetual war between two eternals. To save the souls of mankind, the Exiled must drop the masks they are hiding behind and decide if there is a difference between

being human and being humane. Their biggest challenge? 

To conquer the demons within, not the demons that chase.   

Faces masked, memories erased. 

The EXILED awaken in an altered place.
The hardest thing they confront?  

The demons within, not the demons that affront.


     DEUCE - Sees darkness & light, loyal protector, he’s prone to fight.

       LUCY - Guarded by an angel in disguise, though he is fallen, she

                must rise. 

        ASH - The Devil’s child, newly born, he’s forever defiled. 

 MUERTOS - Establishes life and death, given powers, he’s the Author’s


     SANITY - The Birdman's wisdom and pain, forever trapped, she is 

                suicide’s chain.

         STAR - Deceives those with heart, lacking her soul, she is evil's


For the Exiled it’s rough terrain.

Become a madman or go insane.
Into LUNACY they are HURLED

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