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Gifts and Talents - Seeking Bliss 4/5

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Do you know what your talents and gifts are?

Often our family and friends know our gifts and talents better than we do. Why? Because they are such a natural part of us, many times we barely notice them. Or they may not see them at all… and we must find our own way. Our gifts and talents are often so easy for us to do, that we do not see them as unusual and valuable. However, they stand out, especially to people who know what to look for or who cannot do them, teachers, friends, and strangers. Think about it. You probably know what your friends are great at -- who can always find the right words, throws the most amazing parties or can always see the silver lining in a situation. Everyone has some sort of talent.

Ask these questions about yourself:

1) How well do you think you know what you excel at? 2) What are your top skills? What do you do best? 3) Has your life been impacted by not knowing what you are great? 4) How would your life be different if you knew what work you were great at?

Each of your gifts and talents represent an ability to do, sense, be aware or know something. And although you may not be able to list them, you have at least 5 and more likely 10 abilities that are as much a part of you as your smile or laughter. Things such as being able to...

• sense when the weather is going to change

• keep a cool head under pressure

• tell great stories

• establish an instant rapport with people

• come up with lots of ideas (brainstorming)

• Spell, read, draw, write, run, box, sing, anything at all….

• know a hit song when you hear it

• create gourmet dishes

Try it! Write down all of your answers to question #1, no matter how silly, strange or unusual, ordinary or ho-hum they sound. Capture your first impressions as well as your more thoughtful answers. Be as specific in your answers as you can. Instead of saying you are good at "writing", put down exactly what you have a knack for: imagining and crafting great characters, making pithy statements, coming up with a great turn of phrase, or inspiring others to action. Avoid editing yourself as well as writing down ideas based on what you think you should or what is expected. Think back over your entire life. Write down what you have consistently been great at, as well as past skills you were recognized for and what you did really well as a child - - especially the things that were considered odd, unusual or that you were scolded for. Include what other people have told you were your gifts and talents. If you were told you would be great at a specific job, see if you can remember what gift or talent prompted that remark. Focus on creating a list of what you are great at, by writing down what you are already great or could be with the right training and resources.

You might even surprise yourself!

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