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Skills for Succeeding- Seeking Bliss 3/5

If you’d like to live a more extraordinary life, there are some basic skills that will help you succeed in life. What does it take to thrive in the modern world? What skills do you need to be able to make all of your dreams come true? The answers are as simple, as they are hard.

1) You must know who you are.

2) You must know who you can become.

3) You must know where you belong.

Answering these three questions doesn't only create meaning and joy to your life, it will help you understand the challenges, opportunities, and obstacles you face. Only then will you be able to maximize the benefits to living an extraordinary life. In order to do this you must maximize your skills.

Work Skills (Unless you are rich or self sufficient, in which case, I'm jealous!)

Know how the business world works as defined by the worldwide labor market, global economics, industry dynamics company structures, hiring practices and career paths. Be an intelligent, productive, hard working and ethical employee or employer. Don’t only be self sustainable, but earn a good living -- enough to be able to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care for you and your loved ones.

Managing Money Skills - For sure this sounds easier than it is!

Do simple math, handle money, budget, spend and save wisely.

Problem Solving Skills

Think deeply and critically about problems. Specifically, to recognize the symptoms, trace them to the root of the problem, name it, identify and evaluate possible solutions, select the appropriate solution and implement it. Know how the world works as defined by mathematical formulas and other representations of cause and effect in the physical world. Identify obstacles, understand their impact and significance, and know how to overcome them or go around them.

Communication Skills

Read well. Be literate in the written word so you can spot common themes and think about universal ideas. Be able to not only write, but communicate well with others about your thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, tastes, preferences, values and beliefs.

Relationship Skills

Get along with others, respect their individuality and strengths, as well as understand their weaknesses and needs. Form friendships, alliances, temporary teams, study groups, and negotiate the world of cliques and social hierarchies. Listen, understand, respect, and follow authorities as well as undertake leadership roles and use power wisely. Be a thoughtful and informed citizen who votes, pays taxes, obeys the laws, participates in helping the community thrive and serves to protect and defend the rights and life of others. Be a considerate, compassionate and responsible home owner, neighbor and community member. Be a kind, loving and supportive family member. Find and connect with another person and commit your heart, head and resources to nurture and champion their dreams -- and have them do the same to you.

Living Skills

Observe the world, reason, and draw accurate and rational conclusions. Understand how to live a healthy life and make life-fulfilling decisions about food, physical exercise, sleep, and the way you use your life energy. Learn about the chain of consequences that flow from both small and large actions and to take responsibility for both your actions and all their consequences. Be able to navigate the world around you and be able to travel safely where ever you need to go. Understand the major life decisions you face and know how to make good choices based on your current situation and future possibilities.

Some of this might seem obvious or easy. Some of it impossible and challenging, depending on the day. However, in utilizing good life skills, you make room for bliss... and bliss is just another word for gifts and talents. What do you think the next blog is about?

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